Cleaning out my closet (literally)

I’ve told what seems like a million people about this little online/app obsession since I started, and I’m probably not going to stop any time soon.
A little background for you: I used to work at my absolute favorite retail spot until 2015. They offered a killer discount, so I ended up with a TON of clothing and accessories. I absolutely love the items I purchased in the 4 years I was there, but some of it just isn’t me anymore. Not to mention a lot of it doesn’t fit, or isn’t something I can really wear on a regular basis. Its sad to see the items sit in a closet and not see the love they deserve.
When I say a lot of clothes? I mean like I probably had about 50 dresses, 30 tanks, another 20 tops, plus another 20 skirts… plus more. I could have clothed a small army of really edgy teenagers. They would have looked great.
I tried the usual Facebook sites and such, just wasn’t getting what the clothes are worth to me. While I did try a couple other apps, and I just didn’t like them much, or seem to catch on.

Enter stage right:
Poshmark website app logo

This app/site is amazing. Not only is it a fun way to get rid of some of your old wardrobe and make some extra cash, but its a great community. As an added bonus, you can shop some great deals on there from some absolutely wonderful sellers. Personally, I’ve been selling on Poshmark for about 2 years. I’ve made enough to help pay bills and introduce some new pieces to my wardrobe. I’ve also found some really great gifts on there.
If you’re not looking to sell anything, but looking for brand name items for cheap? Seriously, checking it out. You can like all the listings you want, get notified when the seller drops the price, or they can offer private discounts to users that like the item.

Bundle discounts are a thing, too. So if you see a few items in one closet you’re dying to have, you can add them all to a bundle, only pay one shipping price, and the seller can offer you a discount for buying more than just one item from their closet.
Keep in mind, that when buying from Poshmark, you’re buying from private user on the site. Just like using Amazon, check out the sellers before purchasing. I’ve yet to have an issue, but other people have.
I’ve sold a lot of items that will have new homes to love them, and I’ve purchased some of my new favorite articles of clothing on there. I even found my fiance an identical replacement for his favorite winter coat last year (at a fraction of what it cost brand new, in pretty much new condition!) I’m always working on my closet, and since using the site I’ve become a Posh Ambassador so that other Poshers know my closet is legit 😉 Its also improved my item photography game quite a bit. As with anything, the better the item photo, the better chance it has to sell!

Want to check it out?!

If you have any questions, I’d love to answer them. Check out my Poshmark closet here, and if you want to sign up, follow this link to download the app on Google Play (use this one for App store!), and use the code MEGTOR. If you sign up using my invite code, you get a free $5 credit!

Please note that I was not paid in any way to write this, I’m just sharing something I love. Its a great way to make some extra money, clean out your closet, or refresh your wardrobe.

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