Hello, and welcome to my little creative project! The life of a young creative can be fun, challenging, and quite frankly, a bit scary sometimes. That’s what Reverie Castle Studios is all about. Sharing my own journey in hopes of helping others. Sharing the things I love to create, as well as how I’ve learned to live the life that allows me to do so.

Who am I?

My name is Megan. I’ve got about a dozen different nicknames, but that’s the one I was given when born, so we’ll stick with that one for now.
I grew up as the creative, odd girl. The one with a different sense of style and a love of the unknown. Adventure, creating new things, a constant want to learn new things, and determined to make being creative my way of life. I’m a community college graduate with an Associates Degree in Interior Design technology I’m not actually using. If you need some input on your living room, I’m here! I’ve dabbled in fine arts, photography, visual merchandising, and graphic design as well as cake decorating and numerous other crafts.

By day I have a desk job as a customer service rep, but in my free time I’m a creator, writer, gamer, dog and cat mom, and music enthusiast.
I love to spend my days crafting, cooking, baking, singing karaoke with friends, and laughing. Oh, do I love laughing.

I have a wild obsession with anything by the genius that is Tim Burton. He’s been an inspiration to spend my life fighting for my visions and making my own dreams for as long as I can remember.

What is Reverie Castle Studios?

Originally started circa 2010 under the name Megtor’s Customs, and 22&Clueless, Reverie Castle Studios is a reimagined version of the two combining my writing and my creations. The name comes from my love of nostalgia, and the home we build with the things and people we love. To me, life can be this great big castle, and only we can decide how its built.

You’ll learn a lot more about me as you see more and more posts from me. I hope you begin to love the person I’m becoming just as much as I do.
I’m young and inspired, and I’ve wanted to inspire others for as long as I can remember. I hope to teach you all of the incredible things that I’m learning on my journey, whether its new DIYs or life lessons you can laugh at me for. And I hope we can be friends, as corny as that sounds. I like new friends 🙂

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And enjoy the life you create (: