What was that? A wild POST appears!

I’m one of those creatives who has a LOT, and I mean a METRIC BLEEP TON, of ideas. Its the only way to describe it, though in my mind that word rang VERY loudly. So imagine my brain, (which just tried to spell that word as “brian”) on a daily basis with all these ideas. They sound great. I want to do them immediately. Then, I break back to reality to discover its 9:56 a.m. on a Tuesday and my daily check in meeting is about to start. Mental note to work on that idea later.

Rinse. Repeat.

If you could see my home studio, you’d understand. It looks great, until you look closer. Upon further inspection, you’ll find a large repotoire of projects started, and then promptly set aside because I found another I wanted to do. Or, I was terrified of messing it up, and never even bothered to start. That happen’s a lot. I promise I’m getting better with this.

So, you’ll understand when you look at this blog and see that it hasn’t been updated since March. I promise you, I think of it daily. I think of all the amazing things I could write about. The creative writing pieces I could create and post and share. The projects I could do, and then talk about, post on Instagram, and share with the world. I genuinely think about this on the daily and still very much want this.

I recently participated in an event (socially distanced, masked up, and thoroughly doused in 70%+ hand sanitizer on a regular) that seriously rekindled that fire I needed under me bum. Its been a rough year for everyone, but that’s a story for another day, another post. For now, I’m focusing on the good it has brought.

This year has brought a lot of life lessons. A lot of reformed goals, re-realized dreams, and a whole lot of wine, if we’re being honest. How else would I deal with the massive cluster this year has been? Dying my hair blue and purple?

My rebrand was meant to be a launching point, but it never quite launched. I guess there’s no time better than the future… er present. Or, is it past…?

Reverie Castle Studios. A castle full of sweet memories that you hold dear. That’s what my brain will always be. (Yes, BRAIN. You’re spelled BRAIN. Not brian, get with it. And who’s Brian?)

So hi again! I hope you still like me, you’ll be seeing more of me on this site. And this time, my hair matches 😉